All Players – Flights

Please fill out this flight information form

Arrive Vancouver (YVR) Sunday June 25th (check-in time at SFU is no earlier than 4pm).  If you want to take your player direct to Monday morning practice and skip the Sunday check-in that is fine.  We will give you a roomkey on Monday.
Depart Vancouver (YVR) Thursday June 29th to Calgary (YYC) Thursday is a travel day and there is no lacrosse scheduled on Thursday.  Lots of cheap WestJet Flights.

Calgary Canada Day Tournament starts Friday June 30th (more info here)

Chaperoned Players

For Players Travelling to Vancouver without Parents – ‘Chaperoned Players’
If you’ve made arrangements with other parents to take your child that is fine.  For parents looking for a chaperoned flight please book this flight with coach Elliott Bender.  Please note that there is no chaperone services in Calgary.  You must meet your player in Calgary on Thursday June 29th at either the airport or team hotel that evening.
  • Sunday June 25th (United A460) San Francisco (SFO) 7:15pm arrives Vancouver (YVR) 9:32pm
  • Thursday June 29th (WestJet 174) Vancouver (YVR) 11:30am arrives Calgary (YYC) 1:52pm

If you are flying from a different airport or state, that is fine. You may need to pay additional unaccompanied minor fees from the airline though. We will pick your player up at Vancouver Airport (YVR) when they arrive.

After you book your flights remember to fill out this flight information form
International Parent Consent Form/Medical Insurance
(for players travelling with Coach Elliott Bender – email for his passport number, DOB, passport issue date)
1) If your player is travelling without a parent make sure your player travels across the border with a hard copy of this completed form
2) Please email a completed form to Shannon Hankins at SUBJECT LINE – Parent Consent Form/Medical Insurance

Shared Team Calendar for BCTour

Shared Team Calendar
We’ve cut down on the bus rides this summer and will be using the Bill Copeland Sports Centre as our ‘home base’.  This sports facility is only a few minutes from SFU and has 2 rinks (one is the green wooden floor), turf fields and swimming pool.  We will be adding items to this calendar as they come on-line including our evening exhibition games.

While in BC

Please see the Shared Team Calendar for meal times.  SFU has a great all-you can eat meal plan with lots of healthy options including vegetarian/vegan.
Both Denver and Cali*Lax players will be transported to and from all events on buses. The pickup and drop-off locations will be posted on the Shared Team Calendar
There are laundry rooms at the SFU dorms.  If your players wants to do laundry they can do so in the evening after their games.  They sell laundry cards and supplies at the main residence office.  We will collect and wash the uniforms (jersey and shorts) after the evening game on Tuesday for the players.

What to pack

  • full box gear
  • full field gear (leave your long sticks at home)
  • lots of socks
  • lots of under equipment tees/spandex
  • swim trunks, swim towel
  • toiletry bag including soap and shampoo
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • spending money
  • Cali*Lax jersey/shorts (new)
  • Cali*Lax shooter shirt (new)
Please make sure your son’s passport is valid.  This is mandatory to cross into Canada.  You must have a valid passport.  There have been a few players who have been turned around at the border in recent years.
Cell Phone Plans
Please keep in mind that your cell phones will be roaming. Contact your service provider before you go and change your plan to “International” or “Canada” plan. Just be warned that you have to insist that your data package be changed as well as the long distance – THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!! You will be surprised at your data bill at the end of the month.   Wifi is not readily available at the SFU dorms (or Canada in general) so don’t depend on free wifi for communication with your player.

Currency Exchange
the Canadian dollar is 70% of a US dollar (!!!) So your $1 USD will get you $1.30 CAD.

Parents who are Travelling
You are welcome to book your own accommodations. You are also welcome to drive your child to and from lacrosse events each day if you so please.
Contact Ruth for any billing issues (