2017 IMPORTANT Calgary Canada Day Lacrosse Tournament information


Tournament starts on Friday June 30th (exact schedule TBD).  Please arrive on Thursday June 29th.  BCTour Teams arrive on Thursday June 29th.  We will arrange an exhibition game vs Denver Elite on the evening of Thursday June 29th for any teams that are not attending the BCTour (June 25-29th).  The Tournament ends on Monday July 3rd.  Teams are not guaranteed to play on Monday July 3rd but book your flight as if you are playing and depart no earlier than July 3rd at 3pm from Calgary.


This year the Tournament has us staying at the

Service Plus Inn, located at 3503 114th Ave SE, Calgary AB T2Z 3X2


Call tel:(403)203-4311 to book


Use Codes:


Peewee A- #2569
Bantam A- #2571


AIRPORT: Calgary International Airport is about 30 minutes from the arena locations & from the hotel. You must rent a car, if you are travelling with only one parent and one child see if you can “buddy up” with another family on the SAME team. Do not share a rental vehicle with someone on another team as you will have different game schedules!!!

Transporting your stick on the plane – Please remember to remove the head of your stick and place both pieces in your checked bag. Be careful not to lose the screw!
Passports are mandatory and must be valid!


Cell Phone Plans – Please keep in mind that your cell phones will be roaming. Contact your service provider before you go and change your plan to “International” or “Canada” plan. Just be warned that you have to insist that your data package be changed as well as the long distance.

Currency Exchange – the Canadian dollar is 70% of a US dollar (!!!) So your $1 USD will get you $1.30 CAD. I recommend that you exchange your money before departing or just use the bank machine at the Calgary Airport/Deerfoot Inn once you arrive (your bank will deal with the exchange) or just use your credit card. Please note there are a LOT of vendors at the main tournament location so you might want to have cash or a credit card handy. There is one bank machine at the main tournament location as well.

Water Bottles – Please be sure to pack at least one water bottle for your child to use on the bench for each game. It wouldn’t hurt to pack 2 water bottles per game as there is no access for parents to their players during the game or period breaks.

Meals in Calgary – The Deerfoot Inn will provide breakfast each morning for registered guests – up to 4 per room. Please take your first game time into consideration and be sure to eat breakfast before you leave for the arena. Other than breakfast at the hotel everyone is on their own for meals while in Calgary.

Once you’ve reviewed your team game schedule you are more than welcome to make your own team arrangement for activities (ie. lunch, dinner or other outings).


Main tournament website has ALL the tourney info under `CANADA DAY` so be sure to check back periodically
for any updated info, tournament schedule, etc.

(The team schedules will be posted on the website in June)

The main tournament site is at the Subway Soccer Centre:

SUBWAY® Soccer Centre
7000 – 48 Street S.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2C 4E1
Tournament Locations – Games are being held in multiple locations (not just the Subway Soccer Centre). Each team will pretty much stay at the same arena (one or two at the most) all weekend except for the final playoff games on the last day. More details to follow once we get the schedules. The name of the arena is posted on the team schedule and here links and maps to most of the frequently used arenas:

Subway Soccer Centre (Main Location) http://www.subwaysoccercentre.com/

Dressing Rooms at the Soccer Center – Dressing rooms at the Soccer Center are to be used BEFORE and AFTER each game but you cannot leave your equipment in the room during the game. Please make sure that you help your kids (the younger ones especially) to bring their bags to the floor outside of their arena.




If your player is not going with either parent this is a great form to use to get across the Canadian border with another family  >> Medical and Travel Consent Form<<

Parents travelling with their child but your spouse is at home – We recommend that you travel with a consent letter from the spouse that is staying home. There is always a chance that you may have an issue with customs. If you share custody of your child, please carry your custody paperwork as well!!

Recommendations from Canada Customs website:

A consent letter proving that the child travelling alone or with one parent or guardian has permission to travel from the non-accompanying lawful parent(s) or guardian. A consent letter may be required even if separation or divorce documents award custody of the child to an accompanying parent while the non-custodial parent has legal access or visiting rights to the child. A separate letter should be written for every trip abroad and include contact information for the parent(s) or guardian. A child of divorced or separated parents who is travelling without either parent could carry a single consent letter signed by both parents or two separate consent letters signed by each parent. It is advisable to have the consent letter certified, stamped, or sealed by an official who has the authority to administer an oath or solemn declaration, so that the validity of the letter will not be questioned. A sample consent letter is provided as a model.
A copy of any separation, divorce, or custody decree.
A copy of a court order granting guardianship, if a legal guardian is accompanying the child.
A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, if only one parent’s name appears on the birth certificate, and the child is travelling with the other parent.
A certified copy of a death certificate, if one parent is deceased.
Personally, I just make a photocopy of my husband’s passport page with his photo and he handwrites a note below the picture and signs it. If you have a more detailed custody agreement please take precautions and bring any custody papers.

If you have ANY other questions regarding the trip to Calgary, the flights, accommodations, or even the tournament itself, please do not hesitate to contact Shannon at 1 (604) 928-8827 (in Canada) or Shannon@calilax.com. There is NEVER a silly question!!!