Girls Box Lacrosse Explained

The term Box Lacrosse is used very loosely here in the USA.  Whatever you’ve been told girls have never played Box Lacrosse in the USA (check out the video above).  There are a few pioneers who’ve played on our boys Box teams – Sophia Donovan (USC NCAA D1), Mary Almy, Liv Almy, Heidi McIntosh, Melena Hatton and Taylor Santos but there’s never been a single second of a girls Box Lacrosse game ever played in this country.  There are many companies renting rinks/arenas throughout the country and doing some drills but that’s the extent of the product delivered.  The term that should be used by these companies is indoor field lacrosse training.

Girls Box Lacrosse on the other hand is a great sport, played the exact same way as boys Box Lacrosse, with the same equipment, strategies and rules (US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA) Rules and Situational Book).

With our partners the University of Denver and the US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA), Cali*Lax ALL-STARS is yet again leading the Box Lacrosse revolution by offering the first ever girls Box Lacrosse program in the USA, setting the standard for others to follow across the country.

Why should you play girls Box Lacrosse?

  1. Because it’s an awesome game to play.
  2. Because just like in boys lacrosse, girls who play Box Lacrosse get really skilled and learn the virtues of a team first style of play.
  3. Because you have without question the best and most qualified coach on the entire planet coaching you.
  4. Because it’s safe, and we have the resources of a 10,000+ player organization (USBOXLA) behind making and keeping it safe.
  5. Because some of the top clubs in the country are jumping in next and we want to make sure Cali*Lax ALL-STARS is the standard for box in the USA for both boys and girls Box Lacrosse.
  6. Because the University of Denver is starting it with us….that’s a pretty good partner.
  7. Because Calgary and Banff is a great and inexpensive place to spend a summer weekend or start a weeklong family holiday.
  8. Because just like our Cali*Lax ALL-STARS boys players who can say “I was the very first player in the entire county to ever play youth Box Lacrosse”, you’ll be able to say that every girl followed in your footsteps.
  9. Play Box, Get Better, Have Fun!

Free Girls Box Lacrosse Clinics and Parent Info Meeting 

Peninsula – Sportshouse, Redwood City
Saturday Jan 21st 4-6pm
15 minute parent meeting to follow directly after

East Bay – Dry Ice, Oakland CA
Saturday Jan 28th 2-4pm
15 minute parent meeting to follow directly after

*attend one or both for free

This is what players must bring to this event

  • a boys pocketed stick.  Please spend some stick work time before coming to practice to get confident catching and throwing using a pocketed stick.
  • a brother’s or friend’s helmet.  Put it on, test it out, get comfortable wearing it.  We will have loaner helmets there but it’s probably better to have your daughter get comfortable wearing one before coming to practice.
  • shorts, running/basketball style shoes, water bottle.  No Cleats
  • a great attitude.

Jan 21st4-6pmFREE Clinic SIGN UPSportshouse, Redwood City
Jan 28th2-4pmFREE Clinic SIGN UPDry Ice, Oakland CA
May 29th2-4pmPracticeSilver Creek Sportsplex, San Jose, CA
June 20th9am-3pmPracticeBladium, Alameda
June 21st9am-3pmPracticeBladium, Alameda
June 24th4-6pmPracticeSportshouse, Redwood City
June 30thTBDPractice and Exhibition GameCalgary Canada
July 1-3rdTBDPractice and Exhibition GameCalgary Canada

TOURNAMENT FOR Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Girls Pee Wee (2006/2005)

2013_logo_whitwAge Groups: Pee Wee (06/05)
Calgary Canada Day Tournament
Calgary, Alberta Canada
June 30-July 3rd, 2017

The Calgary Canada Day Box Tournament is allowing 4 USBOXLA youth Pee Wee Box Lacrosse teams to attend the girls division in this event.  We’ll be the first girls in the USA to ever play girls Box Lacrosse.  One of the oldest and biggest lacrosse tournaments in the world.  This is Box Lacrosse and the Canada Day Tournament it’s a great well organized event the Cali*Lax ALL-STARS have been attending for the last 7 years. 8 rinks in 1 venue make this the second biggest box lacrosse facility in the world.  The boys event plays right along side the girls event.  It seems crazy to fly to Canada for a tournament but just like we launched boy Box Lacrosse 7 years ago, players have to experience the real thing in order to be blown away from the gameplay style north of the border.

Other Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Teams Attending:
Boys Pee Wee A (06/05), Boys Bantam A (04/03), Boys Midget B (01/02)


TRAINING CAMPS FOR Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Girls Pee Wee (2006/2005)

Monday May 29th 2-4pm
Silver Creek Sportsplex, San Jose, CA
(right after the Bay Area Super Series Box Lacrosse Tournament)
Training Camp
Tuesday June 20th, 9am-3pm
Wednesday June 21st, 9am-3pm

Bladium, Alameda
Saturday June 24th, 4-6pm

Sportshouse, Redwood City, CA

FEE Structure

What do I get?

  1. 16 hours of local Bay Area practice time
  2. 1 exhibition game in Calgary before the event starts
  3. 5 game guaranteed tournament in Calgary Canada
  4. Warrior Lacrosse equipment sponsorship (free use of Box helmet and mask, rib pads, bicep pads, arm guards and shoulder pads)

What don’t I get?

  1. boys pocketed stick
  2. boys lacrosse gloves
  3. Cali*Lax ALL-STARS uniform

Total Fees – $425

all players must have a USBOXLA membership

Any Questions?sant1

Shaydon Santos