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National Collegiate Box Series

In an effort to provide a continuous avenue of development to become the world's most elite player, USBOXLA in collaboration with Top NCAA D1 Colleges present the National Collegiate Box Series - read more


A big congrats to Cali*Lax ALL-STARS Troy Loper for being selected in the inaugural CCBLL draft fourth overall and leading his team, the Gold Miners in goals, assists and points inaugural season of the CCBLL.


Pride Respect Intensity Determination Effort


Cali*Lax ALL-STARS that now play lacrosse at the collegiate level


class of 2014

Joe Rodriguez – Fairfield (NCAA D1)
Duncan McGinnis – The Hill Academy (ON), Providence (NCAA D1)
Logan Rooney – Whitby Warriors Jr A/Minto Cup
Gavin Herr – Whittier (NCAA D3)
Alex Feldman - Chapman (MCLA)

class of 2015

AJ Guralas – Cal Poly (MCLA)
Oscar Mahoney – University of Oregon (MCLA)
Troy Loper – Cleveland State (NCAA D1)
Keenan Christoff – University of Nevada Reno (MCLA)
Tanner Christoff – University of Nevada Reno (MCLA)
Ty Goff – Pfeiffer University (NCAA D3)
Rylan Reese – Stoneybrook (NCAA D1)
Ty Klarner – UMASS (NCAA D1)
Reid Bowering – Drexel (NCAA D1)
David Bryne – Drexel (NCAA D1)
Austin French – University of Denver (NCAA D1)
Colin Rutan – University of Denver (NCAA D1)
Austin Mello – Vassar (NCAA D3)

class of 2016

Sean Maloney – Hofstra (NCAA D1)
Ty Yanko – Hobart (NCAA D1)
Tre Leclaire – Ohio State (NCAA D1)
Mac O’Keefe – Team USA U19/Penn State (NCAA D1)
Samuel Harnisch – University of Denver (NCAA D1)
Brodie Gillespie – Rutgers (NCAA D1)
Jackson Thuma – Denison (NCAA D3)

Class of 2017

Drew Erickson – University of Denver (NCAA D1)
David Moyett – Marist College (NCAA D1)
Collier, Keaton - Santa Clara (MCLA)

Class of 2018

Brody LaPorte – Villanova (NCAA D1)
Sophia Donovan – USC (NCAA D1)

Class of 2019

Topher Bligh – Brown (NCAA D1)
Quinn Marquez – University of Denver (NCAA D1)
Keelan Seneca - Albany (NCAA D1)
Connor McCusker - Bucknell (NCAA D1)

class of 2020

Alex Moynihan - Cornell (NCAA D1)
Luke Dawick - University of Denver (NCAA D1)
Torin Neal - Robert Morris (NCAA D1)



Team USBOXLA U18 National Team

Team USBOXLA is Directed and coached by Cali*Lax ALL-STARS founder and coach Shaydon Santos

2015 Team USBOXLA u18

Mello, Austin (Vassar, NCAA D3)
Guralas, Andreas (Cal Poly, MCLA)
Loper, Troy (UCSB, MCLA)
Mahoney, Oscar (University of Oregon, MCLA)
O’Keefe, Mac (Penn State, NCAA D1)
Madsen, Michael (St Johns, NCAA D1)
Madsen, Joseph (St Johns, NCAA D1)
Danenza,Logan (High Point University, NCAA D1)
Cox, Riley (Loyola, NCAA D1)
Jacobs, Keller (University of Scranton, NCAA D3)
Kimmel, Casey (Towson, NCAA D1)
Bealer, Michael
Wells, Jonathan
Kreuzer,Chad (Furman, NCAA D1)
Jensen, Carter (Cleveland State, NCAA D1)
Major, Michael (St Joseph’s, NCAA D1)
Parr, Jack (Brown, NCAA D1)
Morris, Sean (UNC, NCAA D1)
Maloney, Sean (Hofstra, NCAA D1)
Whinery, Moose (Colorado College, MCLA)
Cohen, Noah (Washington and Jefferson College, NCAA D3)

2016 Team USBOXLA u18

Whinery, Skylar (Colorado College, MCLA)
Moyett,David (Marist College, NCAA D1)
Miller,Dru (Quinnipiac, NCAA D1)
Kriss, Stevan (Washington and Lee, NCAA D3)
Trout, Landon (Bellarmine, NCAA D1)
Thuma, Jackson (Denison University, NCAA D3)
Collier, Keaton (Santa Clara, MCLA)
Erickson, Drew (University of Denver, NCAA D1)
Dempsey, Logan (Adams State, NCAA D2)
Mello, Austin (Vassar, NCAA D3)
Taylor, Justin
Connell, Richie (Sacred Heart, NCAA D1)
Boyd, Aaron (University of Denver, NCAA D1)
Lichfield, Cade (BYU, MCLA)
Tenney, Thomas (University of Denver, NCAA D1)
Popovich, Austin (Robert Morris, NCAA D1)
Allison, Daxton (Calverton)

2017 Team USBOXLA U18

Connell, Richie - Sacred Heart (NCAA D1)
Lemon, Jake - Canisius (NCAA D1)
Cashen, Seth -  Bellarmine (NCAA D1)
Comella, Dylan - Capital (NCAA D3)
O'Brien, Connor - 
Mather, Adam - 
Feldman, Alex
Hannah, Jack - University of Denver (NCAA D1)
Arvin, Nick - Towsen (NCAA D1)
Erickson, Anders - Furman (NCAA D1)
Iaria, Salvatore - University of Vermont (NCAA D1)
Watsic, Jack -
Rueth, Elijah -
Bradley, Ty -
Jones, CJ - 
Andrews, Sheldon - 
McCoy, Connor - Mount St. Mary's (NCAA D1)
Huizenga, Matt - 
Nayman, Chandler - 
Kimiecik, Scott - 


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